We are ready to go live with classes you can see from home! You can watch the stream directly from this page, but to participate in the class via text chat follow these steps.


  1. Hover over the 'Black Live Window' below 

  2. Click the twitch icon below, on the bottom right of the black window and make a twitch account by clicking sign up on the top right of the page.

  3. Click follow on the top right of the page. You must have a twitch account and follow              NeedhamMartialArts if you would like to participate via the text chat.

  4. Watch the stream on twitch or directly from this page. 


CLASSES BEGIN TUESDAY 3/17 - Click on the "Live Stream Class Schedule" button at the top of this page for class times as well as live stream class protocol. (the three lines on the top right if on a mobile device)

We are seeking volunteers to participate in the live classes starting Tuesday 3/17. For safety they will be limited to groups of 1-4 with no physical contact. Email Master Instructor Tom at sifuadams@hotmail.com if you would like to participate. 



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